Unnecessary Force, Corey MacIntosh
Unnecessary Force, Corey MacIntosh

Unnecessary Force

theme song

L.A. based web series created by Corey MacIntosh.

Illustrations by: Curtis Carey


short film music score

Short film written and directed
by Luke Freeman.

Cartaphilus, Luke Freeman
Haunting Truth About Haven

The Haunting Truth About Haven

TV series

Four of my previously published songs were chosen to be included in this DVD set.

Music &


Sperry Alan, Mark Maryanovich

Music is also a large part of my life, I have been performing as Sperry Alan for nearly 15 years. Recently  I've been asked to start composing for Film.

Directly below are some scores I've created for Halifax and L.A. based productions. Simply click the play symbol to listen to each.

The Sperry Alan material at the bottom is a four album collection of original alternative alt-rock music.


Sperry Alan

show poster

One of many concert posters I've created.


Sperry Alan, at the Nook and Cranny Poster

Raw With Intent



Before Our Time


Open Heart, Open Mind