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As an additional service I offering 3D visualization. Not everyone can easily picture a final product in their mind, I can provide brainstorm renders before costly decisions need to be made.

In the case of a craft beer label, update-able proofs were given to my client throughout the design stage. It was much easier for them to realize their vision by reviewing 3D mockups rather than typical flat 2D proofs.




Salty Dog

can wrap

A line of shrink wrap labels for multiple craft beers. Pale Ale, Blueberry, India Pale Ale and a Custom Flavour.

Salty Dog Blueberry Craft Beer Label, Blender 3D

Photo Realism

"in the studio"

Fictional recording studio render. This is an example of how I could help you visualize a building interior or exterior.

Casey Concrete Ltd.

land development

This is an on going dynamic project I work on. Over time, this client is re-arranging the layout of structures on their property and wanted a scale 3D model matching the changes.

Blender 3D, Casey Concrete, Milford
Blender 3D, Studio, Photo Realism
Blender 3D, Telephone Pole
Blender 3D, Speaker

Concept Art

for fun

These are simply concept pieces for my own enjoyment. They tell the story of a young telephone pole imprisoned by shackles, ad a mouse who lives in a set of speakers.

Ocean Sonics

London, ENG

Trade Show Booth

A complete package was created for this globally known company. It included a booth dressing and rollup banners.

Created while working at KKP

Healthy Babies, Product Label
Ocean Sonics, London Tradeshow Booth
Ocean Sonics, London Tradeshow Booth

Healthy Babies

bottle labels

I created nearly 20 labels for this health conscious beauty products business. Labels included wraps for lip balm.

Healthy Babies, Product Label